Friday, March 25, 2016

Preparing for Baby Girl

As I reach the end of this pregnancy I'm getting anxious and excited to meet our Baby Girl and snuggle and cuddle her. I keep thinking that I can't wait until she comes out! I can't wait to see her pretty little face and her cute little toes! But it also has me thinking about how life is going to change for my boys!

Monkey has already expressed how he gets ignored when a baby is around. This poor guy still asks me questions when people in the store comment at how cute Goose is but fail to say anything about him. He doesn't understand and now there is going to be a new baby... and a girl baby at that. Girl babies seem to hold a different standard of cuteness to the public. People tend to admire little girls in their dresses and cute hair bows more then little boys wearing superhero shirts covered in dirt.

And then poor Goose! ties been the baby now for almost 4 years! He's going to have to adjust to having a mommy that has to put a babies needs first. He's going to not be able to crawl into bed in the middle of the night and snuggle close to mommy because there is going to be a new little person in that spot.

So although I seriously can't wait for these next few weeks to pass.. finishing touches on the tiny house, more in day, and preparing for Baby Girl to make her appearance I'm trying to make sure to get in as many boy cuddles in as I can. I'm trying to make sure that Hubby and I have plans in place to make sure the boys get plenty of mama time after she arrives. Nighttime stories with mom. Cuddles during the day when Baby Girl is sleeping. And plenty of loves and fun from family and friends that come to visit.

We need to remember that yes our lives are about to change in a very big way! Sleepless nights, diapers, dresses and lots of pink but our boys lives are going to change just as much if not more! Naptime is over so I'm going to go get some boy snuggles before they want to disappear outside with their friends and ignore their mommy!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Show Your Imperfect least once in a while!

Today has been a hard day!

My pregnancy hormones sure put me to the test today and failed miserably! I slept or laid in bed the majority of the day. The boys watched movies when I was resting or it was actually nap time and they were resting too. This is part of the season we are end as I'm nearing the end of my pregnancy. Some days life needs to be slow and we need a TV in bed day!

We did venture out and get the chicks and chicken food and Hubby prescription (which had its own emotional stress with the fact that the stupid medical insurance we have to carry does absolutely nothing but cost us money and helps pay for nothing!). By the time I was home I was ready to curl up in the fetal position and just cry my eyes out!

I couldn't handle listening to either of the boys say another word. I knew where I was at and I knew I needed a few minutes to pull myself together and I needed to ask for help.

Today I'm grateful to be living so close to a really good friend. I knew she'd be willing to keep the boys while I figured out how to get through the rest of the night. The boys went to play with friends and I went to the micro house and set a timer for 15 minutes. I called Hubby and let him know he was coming home to a crazy emotional wife instead of a sane wife. I wanted to give him time to prepare for what he was going to be walking into.

Lucky for me and my friend, Hubby arrived home even before my 15 minute timer went off. He helped manage the boys while I finished washing dishes while listening to a fantastic book on CD which I'll be sharing about soon! I was slowly starting to feel normal again.

The rest of the night was up and down emotionally. By the time I finally got dinner on the table I was ready to be in tears again so I put on headphones and turned on Netflix and told the boys to only talk to daddy. Mommy needed another break. It wasnt quite long enough and then it was bedtime routine.

I barely held it together.

Finally I just sat on the floor took a few deep breaths and prayed for strength to get through these last minutes before lights could be turned out. I was a little disappointed in myself for not tirni to God earlier in my day. Honestly, He just wasn't on my radar which I'm embarrassed to admit. I know praying and turning my heart towards God is always the best answer but more often than not I'm at my breaking point before I remember that He is there, right next to me, waiting to offer me a helping hand. All I have to do is ask!

Of course it worked. I started to feel a little better and a little more in control. While on the floor tucking in the boys I held them each a little longer and a little tighter before I tucked them in. I looked them both in the eye individually and apologized for my behavior today.

Today mommy did not have much patience. I didn't have a good attitude and a happy heart. I didn't show them respect throughout the day. I sinned against them.

It was time to apologize and admit my wrong doing to them. I told them that tomorrow was a new day and that we would all work hard to make it a good one. I told them I loved them and covered them up and turned off the lights.

I then crawled into my bed grabbed my tablet with my headphones and turned on my favorite Pandora station (Sing Over Me) when I need to focus my heart on Jesus. I grabbed my phone with the intentions of reading the bible app (sharing a small space means I can't have a light on and actually hold my bible in my hands) but instead I decided to share my day with you. I never want anyone to feel that I have it all together. That I only blog about the happy times and that my life is perfect.

I'm human!

I live in a fallen world and I sin...a lot! A lot more than I like to acknowledge or confess.

Today though I needed to do both! I needed to step forward and let my boys know that even mommies sin and make mistakes. That we need to admit it and apologize. We as parents need to set the example and make sure we use these moments to teach our children how to apologize (even when its really hard) and ask for forgiveness. This is such a great teachable moment we can't just pass over! So remember to show your children your imperfect self once in awhile too! Especially when you have acted poorly towards them! I

really want to share more but I'm coming to the end of thoughts that are making sense and I'm not sure if it's because I'm tired, have pregnancy brain kicking in, or if God is telling me that is enough for now.

Have you apologized to your kids for your attitude? Do you need to do it? If so go right now and make your relationship stronger and seek forgiveness from your wonderful children that are watching and learning from your actions more than your words!

I'm going to go and immerse myself into God's Word and find my strength to get through the day tomorrow...whatever it might bring!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Day in the Beginning of Building a Farm Life!

A day in the life of beginning a farm while building a tiny house....

First we didn't get home to the micro house until 9:30 last night as Hubby was trying to get the flooring finished (he only has one small section in the kids room left) before the dark set in and before he had to head back to work for the next week in a half. Then of course we have to get everything cleaned up and prepared for rain that is coming in before we could head home. We were out there putting paint samples on the wall to make sure we got the right colors and I brought out dinner so Hubby could eat at a decent time. So we get home and frantically get the boys in bed so we relax and hopefully fall asleep. Of course with all the drama of the night we were both wide awake so we laid in bed watching TV until after midnight! Not a good thing to do when the next day is booked full! Oh forgot to mention that Hubby had a flat tire we had to figure out before we could head home too!

So the morning starts with normal parenting stuff. Goose crawled in bed with us once again around 4am which is becoming an everyday occurrence. We aren't worried about stopping it until we are moved in to the tiny house so we just make room and go back to sleep. Hubby finally rises just after 7 which is an hour later than planned but its hard to get up and get moving when the boys are still sound asleep and you know as soon as you start moving they will wake up before they are ready which leads to a hard day for Mommy.

First he has to head straight outside to clean composting buckets because he hasn't had time to do it and we are completely out. No one can go potty until this is done. Poor guy! Who wants to deal with dirty bathroom buckets before they had their coffee for the morning!

Goose of course is awake because he's in our bed and Daddy can't crawl over the 2 of us to get up without waking us up. Monkey is still asleep but we know its only a matter of time with the door opening and closing and me awake trying to get coffee and breakfast going. While Hubby is dealing with potty buckets I get his cup of coffee started and then head out to the chicken coop to get eggs so I can make breakfast.

Monkey wakes up and crawls up into our bed because he's just not ready to be "people friendly" yet. (A cute term I learned from a close friend). Goose is fully awake now and bouncing off the walls. He's such a morning person and we aren't sure where he got that from!

The boys have to start cleaning up their bed. Blankets and pillows up on our bed and stuffed animals in the baskets. And then its time to get dressed for morning chores! This is when the whining and "but I'm tired" comes out. Even from Goose who was just sitting there bouncing like he couldn't control himself anymore and just had to be moving is now laying on our bed complaining about to being to tired to move. Ya right buddy!

Hubby eats his breakfast while boys get ready and then they head out for morning chores. Chickens need food an water. Chicks need food and water and the dogs need food. Sounds simple enough except...the chickens have broke their food feeder AGAIN! The water container is already growing green grossness on the bottom and will need to be scrubbed again even though we just did it a few days ago. They move on to the chicks and this is when I get involved. Up until this point I'm inside eating my breakfast looking at amazon to figure out how much everything is going to cost for finishing touches. All of a sudden Monkey come running in saying 3 chicks had escaped and were in the big chicken coop! This meant they were in the coop where there are 4 roosters! Roosters don't like when a chick is sending a distressed call so this can be a little scary. Hubby plays body guard for me so I don't get attacked as I run around chasing chicks. I'm sure I look ridiculous running around in my gauchos and superhero PJ shirt!

We catch the chicks quite easily which is surprising and only had one close call with a rooster. Now that they are back safely in the correct cage Hubby and the boys can finish taking care of them and I can finish my breakfast.

Then its time to take care of the dogs. Boys head into their pin to collect their bowls and Daddy heads in to find the dead rat they had laying out so we could toss it out in the wooded area so some other creature can enjoy it. Now chores are done for the boys. Monkey heads to the car to get the new chapter books we got at the library because he read the 2 I got for the week in one in a half days and Daddy heads out to start his truck so he can leave. That's when he discovers his tire is flat again which means he has to go buy new tires before he can head to the job this morning which is an expense that we weren't counting on and may add extra days to our move deadline.

When the boys come in they are asking where their breakfast is and I realize that I'm not getting Mom of the Year award today as I completely forgot to start their breakfast with all the chick craziness this morning. Oops! Good things kids are so forgiving because this Mommy is starting to get the 3rd trimester pregnancy brain and can barely form words and keep them alive during the day!

Its now only 9:22am and I've been writing this for about the last half hour while the kids ate and Money is now reading under our covers again and Goose is keeping himself entertained by climbing all over the folding chairs and table. I now get to head out and help our friend get more chicken wire up so hopefully we will stop having chicks escape because being a farm wife means getting things done while husbands are work while managing kids, housework, homeschooling, and in my case growing a baby at the same time!

I wouldn't trade it for anything! And most morning aren't quite as crazy but they all bring their own drama each morning!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Could We Handle Any More?

Man could we handle more stuff right now? I'm not sure that we actually could but of course we will get through it like everything else.

Before we left for Colorado and when we got back Hubby worked his butt off trying to get progress done on the tiny house. I'm proud to say that we finally have electric and plumbing throughout our tiny house. Except for the boys room because it's still full of cabinets that we have to get moved out of there when it comes time to install them. He was actually even able to get half of the insulation up as well.

Isn't our tiny bathtub awesome! 

Progress made right? We should be so happy! Well we were. Then we came to the realization that paying full rent and finishing the tiny house was not going to happen in time for Baby Girl to arrive. So what's the next step? That's what we had to decide.

I know it's not pretty but it isn't really that bad. 
It was cheap which we needed and Hubby is able to fix all the problems with it before 
we move in and it will actually be pretty nice inside once we get done with it.

This is what we decided. This is going to be our new home for hopefully just a few months. We are currently staying on property of friends of ours. They have graciously welcomed us to stay on their property without paying rent but only helping with the regular bills that will go up with an extra family living there. Without these friends I'm not sure what we would be doing. I know it would add months to our move in timeline for sure.

So here's a revised version of our plan to move into the tiny house and onto our property. We are currently working towards getting our property set up to move the RV to. We need a power source weather it is through a company or solar. We also need to have a pump for our well. It will either be a solar pump with a tank or an electric pump, depending on our power route. All these decisions all come down to money. Isn't that how so many decisions are made?

We plan to work on the property and tiny house every weekend that we can between now and when Baby Girl arrives in hopes to be done before she makes her appearance. The plan for now is to keep the RV parked where it is until the tiny house is ready to move into.

This is going to be quite the adventure! It's not going to be easy and Hubby is going to be working tirelessly until we are moved in! Of course the boys and I are going to help as much as we can.

The best thing about all this...our tiny house will feel HUGE when we finally get to move into it! It's all about perspective right?

Monday, January 18, 2016

It's A....

I've shared that we are having a home birth. We still are planning that with all the changes that we have going on. Because of us doing a home birth we had decided to forego the gender ultrasound because my midwife does not require us to have an ultrasound. So we had spent months telling everyone that we weren't going to find out the sex of baby #3.

Then I started to thinking. I would have the ultrasound right before Christmas and how much fun would it be to not only surprise my family when we were home visiting but also to surprise Hubby as well. Hubby was not thrilled about us not finding out. He wants to be prepared and know that we have everything we need before baby arrives. So it came down to debating in my head which surprise would be more worth it, waiting until baby comes or surprising everyone on Christmas morning.

Well by the title you might have guessed what I decided to do. I had a friend babysit the boys so I could go and have the ultrasound done. I made sure the tech knew not to tell me what she saw so I could be surprised. Then I headed to Target to pick out a girl outfit and a boy outfit.

My very special friend got to have the honor of wrapping up this special present for Hubby and myself and she kept it at her house until I was ready to pack everything up for our trip back to Colorado. I knew that if I kept it here I would give in and open it before Christmas morning.

This whole time I was bragging to Hubby about how wonderful his present was. He kept telling me in different ways that I was going to build it up so much that it would never live up to all the hype. That isn't what ended up happening. He was so excited.

So you all are probably dying to know by now what we found out!

Hubby was so excited to find out! He had absolutely no idea! I just love his face when he first opened the present! I couldn't have imagine a better face!

My dad was so happy too! He gave Hubby a huge hug welcoming him to the dad's of daughter club! And then they preceded to do a morning congratulatory shot of crown! Yes that's my family. What's Christmas morning without something extra strong. Normally it's in our coffee but with me being pregnant it wasn't brought out this year.

We are both so thrilled! WE'RE HAVING A BABY GIRL!!!!!

I think Granny, Hubby's grandma, couldn't be more excited! This will be the 2nd great granddaughter and 4th girl out of 14 grandkids. She actually pumped her hand in the air and shouted "Praise the Lord".

Overall we had a great Christmas trip back to visit all our family and friends in Colorado and we couldn't have asked for a better gift than sharing the news of another healthy baby joining our family soon!